Fundraising Effectiveness Project 2023 Review

Ben Miller, Chair of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project and Scott Lange, Treasurer – A review of the final 2023 report and discussion regarding sector trends and what to do about them.

The Philosophy of Philanthropy

We delve into the history of giving. From ancient philosophers to Scriptures and faith-based concepts, we look at how this applies to today’s world.

The Power of Visionary Women™ in Philanthropy

Women hold immense power in the U.S. economy, controlling one-third of household assets—an astounding $10 trillion—and making 85% of purchasing decisions. This influence isn’t just about numbers; it’s about driving change and shaping the future.

Peer-to-Peer Giving & Impact Investing

Is the growth of Peer-to-Peer, Direct Investing, Impact Investing, Opportunity Zones, and other newer avenues changing the way donors give? Do donors think of charity differently than the IRS?