Philanthropic Analytics 


Knowledge and experience are powerful tools when planning a campaign. Our proprietary Visionary Analytics™ will unlock the true philanthropic potential of your community and help bring your campaign vision to life.

Visionary Analytics™

With Visionary Analytics™, we don’t just provide numbers; we create a vivid map of your donor landscape, uncovering hidden opportunities and calculating the true philanthropic potential of your supporters. Our tailored ROI models ensure that every dollar you invest is optimized for maximum return.

At VPC, we bring unparalleled expertise in philanthropic wealth screening to ensure our clients receive the most accurate and actionable prospect data. Our team has an intimate understanding of wealth screening tools, having played a pivotal role in re-engineering a leading platform. 

When partnering with premier vendors like DonorSearch or iWave, we invest significant time upfront to meticulously normalize your data, improving the likelihood of correct household matches. This critical preparatory step enhances the screening process, yielding more reliable results.

However, our value-add extends far beyond data preparation. On the back end, we rigorously evaluate “near matches” and validate “big hit” prospects to confirm the discovered data accurately relates to your prospects and that their major gift capacity scores are precisely calculated.

Through this hands-on, methodical approach, VPC has identified billions of dollars in previously undiscovered philanthropic potential for our clients. Our expertise ensures you receive the most comprehensive and dependable wealth intelligence, empowering you to confidently pursue top prospects and maximize your fundraising success.

VPC begins its work with a description of your donor base: age, gender, generosity, geographic dispersion, and capacity. At the macro level we help you categorize your prospects to illustrate where you need to allocate resources, for the quickest rate of return.

Visionary Analytics™ provide a powerful roadmap for maximizing fundraising potential. Our proprietary algorithms analyze past philanthropic activity, affinity to your cause, and untapped corporate/foundation connections. This multi-dimensional analysis triages your donor pool into strategic segments based on capacity and inclination to give.

Through sophisticated yield and penetration modeling, we forecast fundraising scenarios illustrating the impact of expanding your donor base versus increasing individual gift sizes. Our campaign conversion models map the optimal gift pyramid and prospect commitments required at each level. These data-driven insights illuminate your true philanthropic ceiling while pinpointing critical engagement strategies.

VPC’s analytics go beyond just numbers, providing a comprehensive prospective donor roadmap that informs cultivation strategies, solicitation approaches, and long-term constituency-building efforts. This empowers you with the insights to set ambitious yet achievable goals and implement focused, high-impact fundraising initiatives.

VPC uses four models to assess what your future may hold, a Compound Annual Growth Rate, and Regression Analysis illustrate your future revenue based on past performance. VPC’s Penetration and Yield Model and Campaign Conversion algorithms show what you could achieve with a new design and fundraising plan.

Our rigorous and proprietary ROI analysis model provides a data-driven roadmap for improving your business decision outcomes. To develop a solid cash flow model, we leverage your donor analytics to align your revenue forecast with prospect pipelines and industry-proven engagement metrics.

A general rule-of-thumb followed by many, assumes that they will need to spend 10% of the campaign goal on campaign expenses. However, our model calculates exactly what should be budgeted based on your prospect pool. VPC will determine what to allocate for travel, entertainment, collateral, campaign videos, personnel, equipment, and overhead over the course of your campaign. We align these expenses with the engagement time and campaign payment period to illustrate a more robust and accurate ROI for your campaign.

By helping our clients understand the true ROI of their campaign, we empower them to make informed decisions for sustainable growth. This analysis highlights the dual benefit of expanding your donor base while increasing gift size, fostering long-term philanthropic relationships vital to achieving ambitious goals.