The VPC benefit is simple – we empower you to move forward with confidence. 


We are passionately committed to eliminate your uncertainty, uncover and articulate your unique value proposition, and analyze your capacity, so that we can help you chart a new course of action that guarantees your success.

Campaign & Operational Improvement

VPC’s data-driven tactics for engaging individual, corporate, and foundation donors will equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to build a robust donor community. Our Campaign Plan will give you a clear path forward, complete with recommendations on programs, timelines, organizational structure, and budgets.

Social Impact Investing

Social Impact Investing is growing in its importance as a significant funding resource for many nonprofits, and we believe it can play an integral role in most major comprehensive campaigns. At VPC, we have extensive experience in this arena and can help you seamlessly incorporate Social Impact Investing into your next campaign.   

Strategic Planning &

Strategic planning and communication aren’t just services we offer, they’re part of our DNA. Having a solid strategic plan is a foundational component of a successful campaign. And knowing how to communicate your brand or campaign message in a way that activates your donors’ emotions, is what brings it all together.