Campaign & Operational Improvement


We are passionate about identifying your best donors, crafting emotionally engaging campaigns, and securing the philanthropic support needed to achieve your mission.

Campaign Preparation

VPC is a fervent advocate of comprehensive campaign preparation because it’s the foundation of a successful campaign. We will help you identify your most promising donors, craft compelling campaigns, and secure the funding needed to achieve your mission.

Our experienced consultants will guide you through every step of the process, from prospect research and qualification to campaign design and execution.

A compelling case statement is vital for igniting donor passion and reaching fundraising targets. It vividly paints your visionary yet achievable initiatives, fostering an emotional bond with profound impact. To craft this focused rallying cry, VPC deeply immerses itself in your mission. We’ll forge a powerful narrative that resonates with your donors and informs them why their philanthropic investment matters now.

Our strategic messaging ensures a cohesive, rousing call-to-action empowering you to assemble an impassioned support base. Your case statement provides the crucial framework for consistent messaging that inspires stakeholders to invest wholeheartedly in your transformative vision.

When you partner with VPC for your feasibility study, you gain far more than just data – you tap into a comprehensive donor engagement strategy tailored to your unique mission. Our personalized approach delivers invaluable insights into your donors’ perceptions, priorities, and connections to your cause through candid one-on-one interviews.

We don’t just survey, we engage, building relationships that continue well beyond the study. Our actionable recommendations identify your potential campaign leaders, top prospects, and outline a 90-day plan to keep cultivating these critical relationships.

With our expertise, you’ll be equipped with the intelligence and strategies needed to confidently launch a successful fundraising campaign aligned with your donors’ values and your organization’s vision.

When you engage VPC to develop a Campaign Plan, you gain a powerful strategic blueprint tailored to your unique fundraising goals. Our comprehensive approach translates feasibility study insights into a cohesive, actionable roadmap that positions your organization for success.

We’ll develop a customized strategy with specific goals, activities, and milestones to achieve your vision, while identifying and cultivating leadership donors and strategic partners. Our experts will optimize your case statement and leverage your board’s network to facilitate critical introductions and advocacy.

With our data-driven tactics for engaging individual, corporate, and foundation donors, you’ll be equipped with the tools to build a robust donor constituency.

Our Campaign Plan delivers a clear path forward, complete with recommendations on programs, timelines, organizational structure, and budgeting – empowering you to confidently execute a successful fundraising campaign aligned with your mission.

Campaign Execution

Throughout the campaign, we’ll identify new partnership opportunities, drafting proposals and outreach materials. VPC will guide you through all aspects of your campaign execution and help you confidently navigate the campaign and adjust tactics based real-time learning.

Together, we’ll execute a successful, mission-aligned campaign, leveraging our expertise as an extension of your team.

As your strategic campaign consultants, VPC will become an embedded extension of your organization. We’ll bring an objective third-party perspective, coupled with extensive expertise, to design a comprehensive donor engagement approach tailored specifically for your campaign.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you, facilitating regular strategy sessions to craft personalized longitudinal plans for cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding each of your major gift prospects.

For your campaign events, we’ll develop agendas, materials, and tailored profiles to ensure meaningful engagement. Our team will conduct board training on solicitation best practices, and throughout the campaign, we’ll scour opportunities for new corporate, foundation, and individual partnership prospects.

With our donor-centric strategies and resources, you’ll be equipped to confidently execute a successful, mission-aligned campaign.  Together, we’ll navigate your campaign, adjusting course as needed to achieve your ambitious fundraising vision.

Our methodology is to work collaboratively with you, and to help you maintain the momentum required to execute a campaign within a specific time frame.

VPC has been involved in campaigns ranging from $20 million to $100 million to $2 billion. The size and complexity may vary, but our team of seasoned experts can get you through the quiet phase, to the kick-off and public phase, and finally the celebration!

Operational Improvement

VPC has a team of seasoned professionals adept at delivering engaging and impactful fundraising training. Our Founder & President is a renowned CASE Laureate and Crystal Apple recipient, recognized for his exceptional teaching abilities at conferences on Annual Giving,
Major Gift Solicitation, and Campaigns.

We understand the pivotal role board members play in successful campaigns. Our comprehensive training materials will demystify their responsibilities and equip them with the “art and science” of fundraising. Our major gift solicitation workshop incorporates role-playing exercises, providing a safe environment to hone their skills.

We also offer a comprehensive six-stage training guide for your Development team, that is focused on securing recurring leadership gifts. Participants will gain the confidence and expertise to navigate the intricacies of high-level donor engagement successfully.

Areas of benefit for your organization – VPC’s operational expertise includes:

  • Institutional Assessment
  • Development Office Assessment
  • Development Plans
  • Gift Acceptance Policies
  • Job Descriptions
  • Culture of Philanthropy
  • Change Management
  • C-Suite Coaching
  • Staff Training & Coaching
  • Solicitation Training & Coaching
  • Board Development & Expansion


Technology is having a huge and positive impact for nonprofits in general and specifically for managing campaigns and key donor relationships. Technology has greatly improved overall productivity and efficiency which has strengthened team relationships and positivity as well.

By leveraging technology, nonprofits can increase donor retention, attract new donors, and ultimately achieve their fundraising goals.