Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Jason Blumenthal

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From an early age Jason was the guy that people called when they needed to “find
something out.” Jason’s skill is in figuring out what the client truly needs, and getting
it to them in an efficient easy to understand method.

Jason started his first business in 1987 as a senior in high school. In 2002 Jason
formed The Fulcrum Group which has morphed into a full service research, development
proposal writing and management shop focusing on not for profits and hi
net worth families.

Jason studied Economics and Theology at the University of St. Thomas. He lives in
Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife and daughter.

About Fulcrum Advisors

Fulcrum Advisors is an information research and consulting firm specializing in
constructing comprehensive profiles of high net worth individuals and organizations.
Based on years of confidential relationships and exhaustive information
collection, we are able to provide our clients with potential sources of donors,
investors and partners. As well as assist clients in how best to gather and interpret
the data they have.

Anyone can gather data. The success lies in best using the data in an efficient,
cost effective manner.

Our clientele consists of non-profit organizations, and individuals looking for a
confidential source of information for fund raising, grant writing, and vetting. We
assist in all aspects of project development from research to system development
and implementation. Our experienced staff allows us to handle projects directly,
or consult and oversee an existing project working side by side with our client’s
established partners.

The first key to success is information. Fulcrum Advisors complete and
customizable approach gives our clients the exclusive information they need
to reach their goals.

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